Security Services

EnterSoft Systems Ltd understands that knowledge and skills need to be regularly updated in line with the changing trends in ICT in general and ICT security in particular. Thus provides trainings both in-house through hired experts and outside the organization.
EnterSoft System Limited works will various experts from within and outside the country in order to enhance its quality of delivery of services and expertise in the field of ICT, business management and entrepreneurships. We also working in partnership with Newdawn Services Company Limited and other International Companies in order to better serve our current and future customers in a joint venture if need be.

Security products

  • Security Cameras including CCTV cameras with Smart look Day/Night Fixed Bullet Camera with IR illuminator
  • Video Recorders (NVRs & DVRs)
  • Access Control (Biometric Systems)
  • Tools, Accessories, Cables
  • Alarm systems
  • Intruder Detection Systems

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