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EnterSoft Systems Ltd is Tanzania leading development company that develop various ranges of software applications. Our applications can be easily integrated to your existing systems seamlessly to help your businesses deliver the ultimate Customer Experience. Below are our software products.

These are offered as business ready software that will fully automate your business processes and include;

Training Institution Management System

An enterprise like system for training institutions in aiming facilitate information capturing, analysis, and informed decision making during planning, management and development of human resource for institutions’ resources.

HR & Payroll Systems

HR management system that offers a wealth of modules to suit the needs of your business. This widely-used system is feature-rich, intuitive and provides an essential HR management platforms.

Hotel Management Systems

Web based hotel management software for small to medium hotels. It’s scalable and ready for unlimited hotels, users, rooms and guests.

Asset Management Systems

eAM is a world-class IT asset management solution designed specifically for organizations seeking significant reductions in software audit risk, license spending, and IT overhead.

Student Academic Information Systems

The Student Academic Information System holds all the information relating to students and their studies at the University.

Conference Management System

Collecting submissions, distributing them for review, gathering and evaluating reviews to make a decision on each paper, notifying authors about the decision, and grouping accepted papers for presentation.

and many more…

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