EnterSoft Systems Ltd provides IT support for individuals and organizations. This includes ongoing IT support for computers and networks, consultancy, training and access to open source IT alternatives. We have particular experience in servicing small and medium scale businesses, private and the public sectors at large.

This support includes ongoing support for computers and networks, consultancy related to acquisition of IT related goods to your organization.
IT support from EnterSoft Systems can be as little as &10 per computer per month, however prices depend on the agreement between our company and your business depending on the number of equipment and type of support needed.

Our company relies heavily on standardized procedures in service provision. The procedure to become our clients starts by your company or organization asking us to do a baseline survey to your premises. The gist of the survey is to uncover the nature of support needed in your organization for smooth running of your business process. Having understood your  requirements, EnterSoft Systems Ltd will prepare a SLA to be signed by both parties (your company as our CLIENT and EnterSoft Systems Ltd as your service provider in the stipulated areas.

Note: Our support services heavily and whole depends on the licensed software tools purchased by our clients. Use of pirated copies of software tools is entirely discouraged by EnterSoft Systems Ltd.

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